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    Trips to Armenia

    Every year more tourists are attracted by the Trips to Armenia. And if some ten years ago those were mainly the Russians and Europeans, now the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and others have joined them. During the last twenty years our country ceased to be an unknown state for the West and the East.

    The increasing current of tourists allows us to hope that soon the Trips to Armenia will become more popular, especially as starting from 2013 European citizens won’t need any entry visa for Armenia. And as for the citizens from CIS, they never needed an entry visa to our country.

    A great range of tours is included in the Trips to Armenia – from cultural and adventure to hiking and eco tours. The tour packages of Trips to Armenia TO are designed in a way that very often those tours are combined, that is during one tour our guests both visit cultural and historical sites do hiking and see the natural beauties.