Adventures in Armenia

Adventures in Armenia

Of course, people have Adventures in Armenia but they can be only good ones which are remembered forever and are told to friends and acquaintances for long.

Our small country conceals so many mysteries! These are ancient petroglyphs (rock- carvings, VII-III mill. BC) spread all along the mountain ranges, Bronze Age observatories, amazingly beautiful karstic caves, and fortresses lost in thick forests.

Adventures in Armenia can happen while doing light but very charming hiking from Lake Parz-lich to Goshavank, from Yenokavan to Lastiver caverns, or while climbing to fortresses Amberd and Smbataberd. In fact this list is much broader and includes ascents of Aragats and Ajdahak mountains, cycling and canoeing in Ashotsk, horse riding in different regions of Armania, rafting along mountain rivers, swimming in warm springs, etc.

And what is it if not Adventures in Armenia to drive along the longest cableway in the world? This aerial tramway called “Wings of Tatev” is 5.7 km long and was put into operation on October 16, 2010. It connects two villages – Halidzor and Tatev, and now the way to one of the most famous monasteries in Armenia, Tatev monastery, has become shorter. It is now more attractive as well – from the Aerial Tramway you get a bird’s eye view of the amazing Gorge of the Vorotan River and the famous Devil’s Bridge. While in the cabin of the Aerial Tramway, Tatev Monastrey itself appears before you quite differently foreshortened.

There are many cave-towns in the world but we can definitely say that Khndzoresk, the unique cave-town in the south of Armenia, makes a profound impression on the tourists. Until the 70-ies of the last century people used to live there. Now it is a historical monument and the new pendant bridge has added some novelty to this ancient site.

Tourism in Armenia itself can be understood as Adventures in Armenia because it means visiting sights which are entirely different from each other. Those sights have different characteristics, the landscape surrounding them differs from region to region, and at last the amount of both manmade and natural sights is tremendous. It is also well known that even the lightest hiking along a good path is already an adventure. And isn’t it an adventure to participate in doing barbeque or in cooking a dolma or in making wine? Of course, it is! Pleasant and interesting memories will be of no less than after the conquest of a hard route. Then everybody knows that the dish is much tastier when cooked by you.

So Adventures in Armenia are provided for all our guests. And our guides and tour operators will do their best to make your stay in Armenia unforgettable.