Culinary tours in Armenia

Culinary tours in Armenia

The famous saying of the Roman satirist Juvenal “bread and circuses” hasn’t lost its actuality up today. Taking Culinary Tours in Armenia you will fully get both of them. Only the “circuses” in Armenia won’t be like the gladiator fights: they will be the most pleasant impressions of what you see and feel.

All people, without exceptions, like delicious food. So everybody who comes to Armenia expects to be treated to tasty dishes because our country is very famous for its rich cuisine. And it is not surprising that Culinary Tours in Armenia are so attractive and they interest especially those who know Armenia at least a little.

We usually warn our tourists that in Armenia nobody can lose weight. But we know by experience that this circumstance doesn’t frighten even the most firm supporters of various diets. They always say that only after leaving Armenia they will continue their diet.

The amount of national dishes in the Armenian cuisine is great. In every region and every village they have some special dishes. It is good to notice that during recent years young women more frequently cook according to old recipes of their grandmothers.

You will reveal the Armenian food choosing Culinary Tours in Armenia. From olden days Armenian peasants have eaten plain but very healthy food. Mainly it was vegetarian food, they ate meat on holidays. In the spring they used a great variety of herbs. Now it has become a tradition in the cities as well. In the summer and autumn when fruits and vegetables are in abundance on the table you will see dishes cooked from them. The menu is quite diverse.

The main meat dishes are barbeque (“khorovats” in Armenian) and kebab. The second most popular dish is dolma made of cabbage or grape leaves, or various vegetables with meat filling. Another famous thing is harisa – wheat porridge mixed with chicken.

Those who are having Culinary Tours in Armenia in cold months can’t avoid tasting khash – hot meat jelly. One should eat khash according to a special ritual or it won’t be considered as a real “khash”. By the way, you can taste khash in midsummer as well, only you must ascend to Lake Kari-lich (3200m) on the southern slope of Aragats Mountain.

No dishes of the Armenian cuisine can be connected with the notion of fast food. The Armenian dishes should be eaten slowly and with emotion. Only in that case you can really appreciate all the nuances of the Armenian cuisine. It is of no use to tell how delicious the food is, you must taste it yourselves. Bon appétit!