Cultural tours to Armenia

Cultural tours to Armenia

If you wish to explore one of the ancient cultures of our civilization, please, take the Cultural Tours to Armenia. They are, perhaps, the most popular because they don’t put any restrictions for the tourists: neither age nor physical restrictions.
Our country is rich in cultural and historical monuments: more than 25 000 on our tiny territory! It’s an enormous figure for a country with even a larger territory. And the range of time is also impressive: from the Stone and Bronze Ages to the Middle Ages which experienced a cultural bloom, and at last to our days.

Cultural Tours to Armenia will help you to get acquainted with Aryan mounds, rock carvings, the ancient observatories Karahunj (VI mill. BC) and Metsamor (IV mill. BC), Urartian fortresses Arin Berd and Karmir Blur (VIII c. BC), the pagan temple Garni (I c. AD), the first Christian churches in the world (IV-V c), the masterpieces of the Armenian church architecture – St. Ripsimeh (VII c ) and Zvartnots (VII c), the unique cave monastery Geghard, and Saghmosavank (XIII c), and with many impressive modern constructions.

We are sure that those who choose Cultural Tours to Armenia, of course, are interested in ancient monuments on the territory of our country: monasteries and temples, fortresses and palaces. Of all this we have in abundance, but people are the first feature of any country. And in this respect Armenia can be proud of its people: they are traditionally hospitable and meet guests with emphasized cordiality.
Just this fact is mentioned first of all by our guests in their comments about their Trips to Armenia. And just because of this they come to us for the second, third, and even the fourth time!

Perhaps, many people may think that there is simply nothing left to see for the fourth time. But the matter is that even after the tenth arrival our guests can’t manage to see everything. So rich is our republic in historical monuments and natural beauties!

The huge cultural heritage of our nation gives a good opportunity to the tourists to go deep into a special environment of antiquity and the present simultaneously.

Cultural Tours to Armenia help to know a great number of curios things about our land whose sons have made a valuable contribution to the treasury of world culture.