Eco-tours to Armenia

People now realize that bad ecology in a country, even in such a small country as Armenia, may have destructive effect on the whole planet. So Eco-tours to Armenia are becoming more popular from year to year.

The potential of Armenia for eco-tourism is high as our country has all the right things for the lovers of this sector of tourism: unique nature; architectural and cultural monuments; professional guides and leaders; and a necessary infrastructure as well.

International experts in tourism consider that eco-tourism comprises adventure, active and sports tourism. In their turn these kinds of tourism include alpinism, mountain tourism, spelunking, rafting, hiking and cycling. All they are now functioning and developing fast.

Popular countries for eco-tourism are still visited frequently but the lovers of eco-tours are interested in finding new countries. Armenia, undoubtedly, is among them. That’s why the perspectives of Eco-tours to Armenia seem to be very attractive.

Unfortunately there are a lot of ecological problems in Armenia. Among them are the exploiting of copper mines in the north and south of the republic, the mass construction of hydro-power stations, the everywhere garbage and others. In this respect we hope that with the help of eco-tours we can solve at least some of these problems.

It should be noted that there is real progress in this sphere. For example, in those villages, where the amount of tourists has increased dramatically, one can see that the streets are better repaired and cleaner. Doesn’t it prove that eco-tourism can and must have a positive influence on the ecology of the given country in all directions?

Eco-tours to Armenia are greatly appealing because everybody knows that our country, though small in size, is very rich in virgin forests, alpine meadows and other amazing places. And eco-tourists like to be in such places which are wild as much as possible.

For this we can suggest to our guests tours in Dilijan National Park, in the State Reserves of Khosrov and Shikahogh where they can be in contact with quite unique flora and fauna. In these Specially Protected Areas they will see a lot of endemic species of animals and plants.

The fact that there are six climate zones on the small territory of our country – about 30 thousand sq. km – will interest eco-tourists very much. During one tour they will be able to see greatly diverse landscapes and reliefs. As a result they get impression as if they visited not one but several countries at once.

The comments of our guests on their tours in our country witness that Tour Packages to Armenia suggested to a great extent take into consideration the requirements of those who take Eco-tours to Armenia.