Hiking in Armenia

Hiking in Armenia

The abundance of monuments of nature and those of handmade ones enables to organize Hiking in Armenia the way for our guests to enjoy both the human-nature communication and the visits to ancient temples and fortresses.

This way or another all tourists who come to Armenia, irrespective of the chosen Tour Packages to Armenia, do some hiking in our country. But those who order just hiking tours get the most impressive burst of emotions from their tour.

Hiking in Armenia, perhaps, is the simplest and the most effective way to get to know our country. Only when you walk on the earth you are able to feel its breath, its energy, and its power. It was not by chance that legendary Achilles could fight down the giant Atlas only by tearing him away from Mother-Earth.

In addition to many other things hiking tours have tremendous curative effect: fresh air, tolerable physical load, new landscapes, and maximum opportunities to associate with local people. And no expensive paraphernalia is needed for that: just a cap, a sports jersey, jeans, and sneakers – and go ahead!

Charming and ecologically unique sights – magnificent mountains, lush forests, mountain lakes, waterfalls, dizzy gorges – that’s what you are going to see if you choose Hiking in Armenia.

Even the simple hiking tours worked out by our company allow you to enrich your visit to Armenia. Let’s take, for example, the hiking tour from Lake Parz-lich to the village Gosh. The itinerary starts from the amazingly beautiful Lake Parz-lich (1300m above sea level) and goes on through Dilijan National Park and then comes to a glade. The landscape round the glade always delights tourists immensely: mountains covered with thick forests and mysterious grey canyons below. After a photo-session the tourists continue their way ascending to the village Gosh having in front of them the majestic view of Goshavank Monastery (XII-XIII c-ies). The tour lasts for about 1,5 hours  but our guests will remember it long after returning to their countries.

Hiking in Armenia gives the opportunity to get rest from the benefits of civilization: the Internet, mobile phones and other novelties. Because really people want temporarily forget about all of that. They want at least for a couple of days to plunge into a simple, free of civilization, everyday life, taste plain peasant food and drink water from a clear mountain river.

During our tours you don’t need to worry about anything: the highly qualified staff will solve all the problems. You only need to get off the plane at Yerevan Airport … then for sure you won’t like to go back home.