Tourism in Armenia

Tourism in Armenia

The ancient and beautiful country Armenia has attracted travelers since the earliest times. Today as well Tourism in Armenia has huge potential.

In Armenia can be satisfied the interests of all kinds of tourists – the lovers of the antique; those who want to taste the famous Armenian brandy; and those who prefer active and extreme kinds of sport.
Each tour is designed to include elements from all other tours. For example, travelers by car do short hiking to the monasteries and fortresses. And the participants of hiking tours get acquainted with historical and architectural monuments which are more than 25 000 in amount in our small republic!

As Armenia was the first country in the world to proclaim Christianity as a state religion in 301, so pilgrims are greatly interested in our country. Perhaps, nobody can stay indifferent to the stunning view which opens on Majestic Biblical Mountain Ararat from Yerevan. It was on our country where Noah the Patriarch descended after the World Flood and it was here that he planted the first vine. It is here that the tastiest fruits grow, and among them apricot, the scientific name of which is “Prunus Armeniaca”, Armenian Plum! The famous Armenian doudouk (flute) is made from apricot tree, and now UNESCO recognizes the doudouk on its list of World Cultural Heritage.

Tourism in Armenia is not like a vacation in other countries. Here within one week you can be in six climatic zones: from semi deserts to mountains, from forests to the blue pearl of Armenia, Lake Sevan.
Yet from high antiquity many travelers and pilgrims, merchants, and great military leaders passed through Armenia. Among them was Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant and voyager. While having a journey along the Silk Road, he visited Armenia and then described in detail his sojourn in the Biblical land.

Sure, it is better to arrange the trip to Armenia beforehand which will allow us to get prepared to admit guests with regard for all their wishes. But it is not rare when the tourists come to us already “tomorrow”. So, as we want to promote Tourism in Armenia we admit such tourists as well and do our best for them to leave Armenia with maximum satisfaction.

The abundance of historical monuments, the wonderful natural beauties, and, of course, the unlimited cordiality and hospitality of Armenians permanently draw people from all over the world and make the Tourism in Armenia very attractive.

You have a wonderful chance to make certain of all that by coming to our country – Armenia.