Tours to Armenia

Tours to Armenia

Anyone who has planned Tours to Armenia is sure to see hoary antiquity, old temples and monasteries, mountain steeps and deep canyons, Biblical Mount Ararat, and also to taste the famous Armenian brandy.

Many people, who choose Tours to Armenia, before coming to our country have already visited many others, traveled half the world, and then decided to come to us. These are experienced travelers who can do a comparison. And it’s pleasant when our guests leave our country satisfied with both the level of the service and the abundance of new impressions.

Tours to Armenia surprise visitors very much because, even during a two-week tour, every day they can see something new. Before coming here it’s difficult for them to image that such a great number of historical and architectural monuments can be found on such a small territory, and there can be such a great diversity of climate and landscape that it seems as if you are traveling not in one but in several countries at once.

Geographically Armenia is located on the crossroad of political, economic, and commercial routes. It was the reason why a great number of merchants, travelers, and pilgrims have been visiting our country since ancient times. But, unfortunately, because of being such a “tidbit” our country was subjected to frequent raids of every kind of aggressors. But Armenia withstood all the invaders, and though later became ten times smaller and didn’t have statehood for about six hundred years, today it is an independent and developing state.

Due to our religion and our alphabet, which was invented in 405 by the great scientist Mesrop Mashtots, and which is one of the most perfect in the world, we were able to survive.

In no other country in the world one can see a monument devoted to the letters. We advise you to choose Tours to Armenia and you will see two such monuments in our country! Even UNESCO noted the Armenian’s special love for their letters and books and announced Yerevan the World Book Capital in 2012. Exactly 500 years ago, in 1512, in Venice, the first book in Armenian was printed.

Tours to Armenia are notable for their contrast: from a modern and quite a European city of Yerevan, the capital of the republic, up to the first Christian temples in the world and even the ancient observatory Karahunj which is about five thousand years old…

What there to say… come and you will see everything yourselves!